Ukraine film festival targeted by anti-LGBT protesters

Ukraine‘s premier film festival, Molodist, has been picketed by protesters complaining about the presence of LGBT films at the event.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, dozens of people stood outside the Zhovten cinema in Kiev, some holding up placards with anti-LGBT slogans and burning a flag. The co-chairperson of the Parents’ Committee of Ukraine was also quoted as saying, of the festival programme: “The state is doing nothing to stop propaganda of homosexuality. How much money from the state budget was actually spent on gay propaganda?”

These protests appear to follow on from a crackdown in Ukraine’s neighbour Russia over the screening of LGBT-themed films, which saw the Bok o Bok (Side by Side) event targeted by officials, before winning an appeal against a crippling fine. It also reflects a wider ideological battle in Ukraine over whether to move closer to Russia, or the more liberal environment of the EU.

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