Gay Imam

A gay imam, fighting for tolerance

Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed has dedicated his life to fighting against those who believe Islam and homosexuality are incompatible. It’s an uphill struggle and risky, as Naomi Conrad reports. When his mother told him that she no longer thought he was sick and weak, degenerate even, Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed says he felt dizzy, too shocked to feel any


Malawi Muslims call for death penalty for homosexuals

The Muslim Association of Malawi has called for homosexuality to be made a capital crime in the face of efforts to decriminalize homosexuality in the Southeast African nation. Malawian President Joyce Banda pledged to decriminalize homosexuality on taking office in May of 2012 but later backtracked – saying it was up to the people of her country to


Lesbian, gay, Muslim and proud

Last month Omar Kuddus wrote an article for the Gay Star News titled ‘It’s time to come out as gay, Muslim and proud’. As the chair of Imaan, the largest LGBTQI Muslim organization in the UK, Europe and probably even the world, I was definitely interested in what Kuddus had to say. He wrote of personal struggles