Pentagon to lift ban on transgender soldiers

The Pentagon will end a ban on transgender troops within the next year, according to reports. A draft memo from The Pentagon has revealed that the United States government plan to lift the ban on transgender troops by May 27, 2016, reports USA Today. The Pentagon has come under increasing pressure to amend regulations and

On the 18th of August, 2015 the national LGBT* rights organization LGL addressed the Government of the Republic of Lithuania in solidarity with Ukrainian LGBT* community. The association LGL expressed its grave concern over the events that took place in the city of Odessa, Ukraine, on the 12th-15th of August, 2015 and urged the Government

The first-ever U.N. Security Council meeting on an LGBT-specific issue that took place on the 24th of August, 2015 focused on the Islamic State’s ongoing persecution of LGBT Syrians and Iraqis. The U.S. and Chile co-sponsored the closed-door, informal briefing that highlighted the Sunni militant group’s continued persecution of LGBT Syrians and Iraqis who live

City in Texas got its first gender identity clinic

El Paso, Texas just got its first gender identity clinic. The Texas Tech University Health Services Center has opened the clinic under the guidance of Dr Hector Granados. The paediatric endocrinologist works with trans children, as well as adults. He said:  “We are in diapers when it comes to transgender care in the United States,”

There are new calls for inclusive sex education in South Africa

There have been new calls for schools in South Africa to teach inclusive sex education lessons. Dr Gordon Isaacs today called for reform to the South African sex-education curriculum, which currently ignores teaching about same-sex relationships. South Africa has what, initially, appears to be a modern sex education curriculum for their high-school pupils. The progressive system

Ukrainian court bans Pride march

A Ukrainian court last week banned an LGBT Pride march that had been scheduled to take place in the city of Odessa on Saturday. The Odessa District Administrative Court issued its ruling in response to a petition from city lawmakers on Aug. 13, based on what Radio Free Europe described as the potential “real danger

Costa Rica’s President Introduces Common-Law Same-Sex Marriage Bill

Marking a significant step for Central America, the office of Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo Solís introduced a bill to the nation’s parlimanent for the legalization of same-sex common-law marriages. In Costa Rica, common-law marriages carry the same rights and benefits as traditional marriage, but they require approval of a judge after three years of

Puerto Rico governor bans anti-transgender discrimination

Puerto Rico Gov. Alejandro García Padilla on Monday issued two executive orders that extend rights to transgender people in the U.S. commonwealth.One of the orders that García signed specifically prohibits hospitals from discriminating against potential patients based on their gender identity when they seek treatment in an emergency room. The second mandate allows trans Puerto

Domestic violence in LGBT community hidden despite high rates

Domestic violence remains an “invisible” issue in the LGBT community, with many victims feeling too ashamed to make a complaint or seek support, a report in Australia has found. Currently there is also a study in Lithuania running, focussing on the local LBT community. Despite research that shows that one-third of people in a same-sex

The first third-gender passport has been issued in Nepal

Nepal has joined the few countries which allow third gender passports, as it issues its first one. The country issued the passport, which allows ‘other’ as a gender category alongside ‘male’ and ‘female’. Monica Shahi was the first person to receive such a passport. The only other countries which allow third-gender, or gender ‘x’ passports

Roland Emmerich responds to Stonewall ‘whitewashing’ criticism

‘When this film finally comes to theaters, audiences will see that it deeply honors the real-life activists who were there’   Openly gay director Roland Emmerich has responded to criticism that his new film Stonewall whitewashes the riots and ignores the drag queens and transgender women of color who started the LGBTI rights movement. The trailer released earlier

Polish Senate votes on first-ever Gender Accordance Act

The Polish Senate has voted to pass the Gender Accordance Act after a lengthy debate which lasted several days. However, the Act was passed with significant last-minute amendments which unfortunately could add another layer of procedural difficulty to the gender recognition process. The Gender Accordance Act is an attempt to codify the legal gender recognition