Polish Senate votes on first-ever Gender Accordance Act

The Polish Senate has voted to pass the Gender Accordance Act after a lengthy debate which lasted several days. However, the Act was passed with significant last-minute amendments which unfortunately could add another layer of procedural difficulty to the gender recognition process. The Gender Accordance Act is an attempt to codify the legal gender recognition

A large majority in the Upper Chambre indicated they were in favour of the abolition of the ‘enkele-feitconstructie’ during debate on 3 March. The legal provision allows religious schools to dismiss, refuse or send away lesbian, gay and bisexual teachers and pupils. The proposal for abolition will be voted on next week. With this decision

Chile gives final approval to gay civil unions

Bill gives civil partners nearly all the rights of married couples. Lawmakers in socially conservative Chile have given final approval to gay civil unions after more than four years of legislative wrangling. The senate yesterday (January) passed the Civil Union Accord bill by a 25 to 6 vote margin with three abstentions, a week after the lower