LGBT Activists Marching for Equal Rights in Montenegro

Dozens of LGBT activists and their supporters have gathered for a pride event in Podgorica on Saturday, December 17, 2016. Activists marched through the Montenegrin capital carrying banners that read “born this way” and “equality for everyone”. The Balkan country is known for having highly conservative attitudes towards the gay community, with one survey finding

Belgrade Pride goes off without incident despite fears of extremist attack

A Pride parade in Serbia’s capital went off without incident today, with the theme ‘Love Heals the World’. Thousands of police lined the streets today in Belgrade for fear that the parade would be attacked by extremists, as has happened in the past. As well as police on the ground being deployed hours in advance

Ukraine just celebrated its first LGBTI Pride outside Kiev

‘Now the whole world sees that Odessa is really an open and safe city. A city in which there is a place for all.’ Ukraine held its first Pride March outside Kiev at the weekend – and it went without any major incidents. On Saturday (13 August), between 50 and 100 marchers came together on

Thousands call for end to Northern Irish gay marriage ban at Belfast Pride

Thousands who took to the streets of Belfast last Saturday for the city’s annual Pride parade have called for same-sex marriage to be legalised in Northern Ireland. Revellers at Belfast Pride chanted “What do we want? Equal marriage. When do we want it? Now!” Referring to the leader of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) Arene

Hundreds expected to attend Jamaica Pride events

A series of LGBT Pride events that are scheduled to take place this week in Jamaica are expected to draw hundreds of people. PRiDE JA 2016 began on Monday with a day-long sports day at the University of the West Indies in the Jamaican capital of Kingston. An organizer told that the university provided referees

Canada PM Justin Trudeau marches at Vancouver Pride Parade

The world’s dreamiest prime minister Justin Trudeau joined thousands at the 38th annual Vancouver Pride Parade on Sunday. The 44-year-old politician also brought his wife, Sophie, and their three children along for the celebration. ‘It’s a time where the whole city, families, communities come out, we celebrate the great diversity that is such a strength

Following a decision to cancel the official Cleveland Pride celebration, defiant LGBT groups say they plan to hold the event anyway. The 28th annual Pride event had been set to take place in Cleveland, Ohio on August 13 – but the event was cancelled under mysterious circumstances last week. Cleveland Pride CEO Todd J Saporito said: “We have

Baltimore shows its Pride despite heat

As Baltimore Pride’s rainbow-hued parade meandered along Charles Street in the Mount Vernon neighborhood under a blazing cloudless sky, Reginald Morris remarked, “More people should come, it’s a fun day.”  The Baltimore resident received his wish as an estimated 10,000 sweat-drenched souls braved blistering heat to view more than 100 units marching in the parade

Thousands attend Jerusalem Pride, despite fears of repeat attack

This year’s parade is being dedicated to the memory of Shira Banki, the 16-year-old girl who was murdered by anti-gay religious extremist Yishai Schlissel during last year’s march. In an open letter earlier this month, Banki’s parents urged the whole Jerusalem community to come forward and march in solidarity at this year’s Pride. A survivor of

Protesters disrupt Moldova Pride march

Protesters disrupted an LGBT Pride march in the Moldovan capital of Chisinau on Sunday last week. Hundreds of people with Moldovan and Orthodox flags and crucifixes began yelling at the more than 150 advocates who were taking part in the march before police officers ushered them onto buses that took them to a hotel. The