Parliament strongly condemns Azerbaijan’s suppression LGBTI people

Last Thursday, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the human rights situation in Azerbaijan, in which it denounces the intimidation and repression of LGBTI people, as well as those defending their rights. The overall human rights situation in Azerbaijan has deteriorated continuously over the last few years, with many independent journalists and civil society

Thailand introduces first law to protect LGBT people

The country’s first law specifically protecting LGBT people came into effect last week. Thai parliament passed the 2015 Gender Equality Act in March. The law is is designed to protect members of the LGBT community and aims to punish discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation. Those found guilty of discrimination may face up

Sweden to host EuroPride 2018

It’s often considered one of the most LGBTI-friendly countries in Europe – and in 2018, the Swedish cities of Gothenburg and Stockholm will join forces to host Europride, it has been announced.   Stockholm Pride and Gothenburg’s West Pride will split the duties, the European Pride Organisers Association has decided. Anneli Hulthén, Mayor of Gothenburg,

Parliament demands EU action on LGBTI rights

On 8th September the European Parliament adopted a new comprehensive report on fundamental rights in the EU. Defying an attempt by the EPP group to adopt an alternative report which would have deleted nearly all content on LGBTI rights and other relevant human rights issues, the final report includes an extensive section of the situation for

European Parliament urges Lithuania to recognize same-sex unions

On the 8th of September, 2015 the European Parliament voted in support of a report on the situation of fundamental rights in the EU (2013-2014) [Ferrara report]. The report contains a number of LGBTI specific recommendations: Calls on the European Commission to put forward an action plan or strategy at EU level for equality on

Irish transgender rights law takes effect

An Irish law that allows transgender people to legally change their gender without medical intervention took effect on Tuesday.   The Gender Recognition Act 2015 took effect four days after Deputy Prime Minister Joan Burton, who is also Ireland’s minister for social protection, signed it. “The wait for legal recognition is finally over,” said Broden

Ukrainian LGBT group’s community center attacked

A Ukrainian LGBT advocacy group said a group of people attacked one of their community centers past Monday. Gay Alliance Ukraine in a press release said a group of at least six people wearing masks threw fireworks into their community center in the city of Kryvyi Rih at around 8:30 p.m. as a meeting was

Kentucky Clerk jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gays

Clerks in Kentucky’s Rowan County have been ordered to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. But their defiant boss Kim Davis has refused to comply with the rules and is now in jail. US District Judge David Bunning said he had no choice but to send Rowan County clerk Kim Davis to jail for not

First gay film to show in China theaters

Seek McCartney will become the first gay film to show in Chinese theaters later this year. The Chinese/French co-production, starring popular singer Han Geng and award-winning actor Jérémie Elkaïm, passed censors in its entirety after a year of deliberation. Director Wang Chao hailed the decision as ‘a small step for the regulator and a big step for filmmakers.’ ‘It

Singapore lifts ban on HIV positive visitors

Singapore has lifted its 20-year ban on HIV positive visitors but will limit their stay to three months. The ban was lifted on 1 April but only made public on Monday (31 August). ‘Given the current context with more than 5,000 Singapore residents living with HIV and the availability of effective treatment for the disease,’ a

Irish president signs same-sex marriage amendment

Irish President Michael Higgins on Saturday officially signed an amendment to his country’s constitution that extends marriage rights to same-sex couples in his country.Higgins amended the Irish Constitution roughly three months after Ireland became the first country in the world in which same-sex couples received marriage rights through a popular vote. The Irish Times reported

Hundreds protest in Nepal for constitutional LGBT protections

Hundreds of LGBT activists have protested in Nepal to push for LGBT protections in the country’s new constitution. The rally took place in Kathmandu, and drew around 500 participants carrying colourful flags and banners. Pinky Gurung, of the Blue Diamond Society said: “Our main demand is that the rights of the sexual minorities should be