Thailand hosted global LGBT conference

Begining of October saw the start of the four-day Salzburg Global LGBT Forum with a program focusing on “The Many Faces of LGBT Inclusion.” After previously taking place in Salzburg, Austria, and Berlin, the forum has convened in Chiang Rai, Thailand, for the first time. “In the global yet strongly Western-dominated discourse on LGBT human

Thailand introduces first law to protect LGBT people

The country’s first law specifically protecting LGBT people came into effect last week. Thai parliament passed the 2015 Gender Equality Act in March. The law is is designed to protect members of the LGBT community and aims to punish discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation. Those found guilty of discrimination may face up

Thailand’s ban on gay and foreign surrogacy just came into effect

Under new laws only local married heterosexual couples will be able to access surrogacy services in Thailand and any arrangement must be strictly non-commercial Thailand has officially clamped down on commercial surrogacy practices – where a woman has a fetus implanted and brings it to term in exchange for financial compensation from the child’s parents