Parliament strongly condemns Azerbaijan’s suppression LGBTI people

Last Thursday, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the human rights situation in Azerbaijan, in which it denounces the intimidation and repression of LGBTI people, as well as those defending their rights. The overall human rights situation in Azerbaijan has deteriorated continuously over the last few years, with many independent journalists and civil society


“Nəfəs” LGBT Azerbaijan Alliance officially terminates work in Azerbaijan

“Nəfəs” LGBT Azerbaijan Alliance officially terminates work in Azerbaijan on 10nd of February, 2015. The socio-political state in the country, increasing number of arrests and chasing of individuals and organizations working for human rights by government, as well as increasing risks for personal life and personal safety of organization members made “Nəfəs” LGBT Alliance to take


Azerbaijan: Gay man found dead in Baku in wake of first gay pride rally

The body of the man, who has been named by police as M Namiyev, was found last night on the side of Sumgayit Highway, in the Baku suburb of Bilacari. Police information indicates that Mr Namiyev, who was openly gay, was murdered, with early reports suggesting that he died after being beaten and stabbed. The