An increasing number of gay people in China are thinking of coming out

China’s ‘Pink Market’ is estimated to be worth $145billion – but some gay people are still feeling pressure from families to stay in the closet. The results of the third, annual China LGBT Community Report have been announced, and they reveal progress with regards to attitudes towards LGBTI rights in the country. China is the

China’s most popular TV hostess just happens to be trans

If you thought Caitlyn Jenner was the most famous trans woman on the planet, you’d probably be wrong. In fact, that honour surely goes to China’s Jin Xing, whose TV show draws 100 million viewers a week, and who has been openly trans since 1996. China’s most popular TV hostess, often dubbed the country’s Oprah,

Chinese gay couple marry despite court ruling

To start their campaign for legalizing homosexual marriages in China, a gay couple has held a marriage ceremony despite a court ruling against it. Many believe the case shows a growing acceptance of LGBT rights in China. “I hope that the world knows that there are homosexual people in China, and that we demand legally

Chinese gay rights movement sees win in court loss

Though a Chinese court rejected a same-sex marriage lawsuit, many believe the case affirmed a growing acceptance of LGBT rights in China. This article examines the implications of the decision for country’s gay rights movement. On Wednesday morning, Sun Wenlin and his male partner Hu Mingliang entered a court in the central Chinese province Hunan,

Chinese court rejects first same-sex marriage case

A judge in China has dismissed a suit brought against the local government by a gay couple. Despite the decision, the plaintiffs and their supporters have said the fight isn’t over. The court in central Changsha on Wednesday dismissed the suit brought against the civil affairs bureau for refusing to issue a marriage license to

China’s first marriage equality case accepted by court

China’s first marriage equality has been accepted by a court in Hunan province. Sun Wenlin, 26, sued a civil affairs bureau in Changsha last month for rejecting his marriage application – in what has been hailed as the first gay marriage case in the communist country. Sun received notification from Furong district court that his

China’s first ever domestic violence law excludes gay couples

China has passed a law to protect cohabiting couples against domestic violence but it will not protect same-sex couples. The law, which was passed on Sunday, protects married and unmarried cohabiting couples. The country did not previously have a law protecting against violence at home. The new law covers physical and psychological abuse, and allows

Hong Kong authorities are refusing to count gay couples in its 2016 census

Hong Kong’s Census and Statistics Department claims it doesn’t want to embarrass gays and lesbians by asking them about their relationship status in front of their families Officials in Hong Kong have decided to leave same-sex couples off next year’s census – arguing that some will be too afraid to disclose their relationship in front

China response to HIV/AIDS epidemic questioned

The conservative government’s resistance in promoting safe sex nationwide, for example, at schools and colleges is a major hurdle in educating the masses about HIV/AIDS. The China AIDS walk tries to draw attention to this and the stigma and widespread discrimination in education and employment are also reasons why it has become a firm fixture

First gay film to show in China theaters

Seek McCartney will become the first gay film to show in Chinese theaters later this year. The Chinese/French co-production, starring popular singer Han Geng and award-winning actor Jérémie Elkaïm, passed censors in its entirety after a year of deliberation. Director Wang Chao hailed the decision as ‘a small step for the regulator and a big step for filmmakers.’ ‘It