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LGBT events are getting more frequently funded by businesses all around the world. Corporate activism, previously thought of as a risky move, is now becoming an advanced and profitable advertising strategy, as well as an opportunity for businesses to contribute to creating public discourse. By supporting LGBT community activities, companies not only get more publicity,


Colombia City Seeks to Promote Diversity, LGBT Acceptance

The director of Medellín’s Office of Social Inclusion, Family and Human Rights last Thursday said diversity is an integral part of the Colombian city’s public policy. “Medellín is a city that has understood diversity,” Luis Bernardo Vélez told the Washington Blade during an interview at his office in Medellín City Hall. Vélez, who was a


US Public Schools Fail to Protect LGBTI Children, Report Finds

Eight US states still have laws restricting teachers and staff from talking about LGBTI issues in school. Public schools in the United States are ‘inadequate’ when it comes to protecting and educating LGBTI youth, according to a new report. The report, released by the Human Rights Watch, outlines key areas of opportunity for public schools


On October 25-26, 2016, a member of the National LGBT Rights Organization LGL and a master of judo Ieva Ruzgytė, with the support from the Embassy of Sweden in Vilnius, visited Stockholm, where „Inclusion in sports“ study meeting was held. Swedish capital became the gathering place for sports athletes from Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Poland, Russia


U.N. appoints first-ever LGBT rights watchdog

The U.N. Human Rights Council on Friday announced it has appointed the U.N.’s first-ever independent expert who will specifically investigate anti-LGBT discrimination and violence around the world. Vitit Muntarbhorn is an international law professor at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. Muntarbhorn has been a member of the U.N. Human Rights Council’s Commission of Inquiry on Syria


Activists launch a Pride flag into space to ‘claim’ it for LGBT people

LGBT rights have crossed another barrier – only this time it’s the atmosphere. Rights activists Planting Peace are renowned for their elaborate PR stunts – from creating a rainbow Pride centre opposite the Westboro Baptist Church and holding mock gay weddings, to erecting giant billboards in the hometown of Kim Davis, to ‘claiming’ Antarctica in


Catholic Priest from Lithuania Faces Trial over Homophobic Comments Online

The catholic priest from Kaunas (Lithuania) faces criminal charges for homophobic comments online. After reading an online article about a demonstration in front of the Russian Embassy in Vilnius, organized by the local LGBT* community in August, 2013 with the view of protesting against the draconian ‘anti-gay’ legislation in Russia, the priest wrote: “The ones

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Select Slogan for the “Baltic Pride” 2016 March in Vilnius! (VOTING)

The preparations for the “Baltic Pride” festival in Vilnius (Lithuania) in June, 2016 are already in the full swing. The members of the local LGBT* community and our supports and friends have submitted more than thirty (30) prospective slogans for the “Baltic Pride” 2016 festival. After careful consultations and consultations with our Estonian and Latvian


Thailand introduces first law to protect LGBT people

The country’s first law specifically protecting LGBT people came into effect last week. Thai parliament passed the 2015 Gender Equality Act in March. The law is is designed to protect members of the LGBT community and aims to punish discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation. Those found guilty of discrimination may face up

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Submit your slogan for “Baltic Pride” 2016!

“Changing History is Hot!”, “Love Breaks Barriers!”, “In Pride We Trust!” – these are the slogans for the Pride marches all across Europe. You have probably heard already that the Baltic Pride March for Equality is coming back to Vilnius in 2016. We hope that this important event will significantly contribute to the progress of