On April 1, 2001, just a few seconds after midnight, Mayor of Amsterdam was the first registrar in the world to marry a gay couple. That night four same-sex couples tied the knot, followed by another 382 who married in the same month. Currently sixteen European countries fully recognize same-sex marriages, while thirteen recognize a

Apparently opinions were bound to polarize after LRT, the national broadcaster of Lithuania, published a social documentary portraying a parenthood journey of a married gay men couple from United Kingdom at its internet portal lrt.lt Although plenty of people praised such a rare instance of the diversity representation, several, likely right-wing affiliated activists appealed to

Study Reveals LGBT Rental Housing Discrimination

A newly released study by the D.C.-based Urban Institute found that some landlords that were subjected to discrimination “testing” in the D.C. metropolitan area showed a bias against renting apartments to applicants who self-identified as transgender compared to applicants not identifying as transgender. The study also conducted several hundred discrimination tests in the Los Angeles

Chechnya Police: Kill Your Gay Children Before We Kill Them in Torture Camps

Chechnya’s police force has issued a chilling warning to the parents of gay men. According to a survivor’s account, the authorities have instructed parents in the region to murder their gay children for “honour”. Police are threatening parents with the line: “Either you do it, or we will,” one man who survived the brutality has

The National LGBT* Organization LGL welcomes the release of the report that the Office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights issued on Monday. The report assesses that anti-LGBT discrimination and violence persists around the world in spite of continued progress in the expansion of rights to people based on their sexual orientation and

Top homophobic politician heads to Strasbourg to represent Lithuania at the PACE

On January 15th the Board of Parliament signed the decision to send the delegation on a business trip to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) – one of the continent’s leading organizations for defending human rights in 47 countries. The members of the delegation will be the chair of the Lithuanian parliament