Gender-neutral partnership bill was registered in the Lithuanian Parliament on May 21, 2021, returning the question of same-sex union recognition to political agenda after staggering four-years break. While it does recognize same-sex unions, the bill does not reference the concept of family, nor it addresses regulations related to child adoption. It does not make a reference to

On April 1, 2001, just a few seconds after midnight, Mayor of Amsterdam was the first registrar in the world to marry a gay couple. That night four same-sex couples tied the knot, followed by another 382 who married in the same month. Currently sixteen European countries fully recognize same-sex marriages, while thirteen recognize a

Every Tenth Supports Same-Sex Partnership in Lithuania

In the course of four years only a very slight change in Lithuanian citizens’ attitude towards the introduction of same-sex civil partnership in Lithuania was recorded by a public poll commissioned by the Lithuanian Chamber of Notaries. According to the poll, only 11 % of Lithuanians support the introduction of same-sex civil partnership in Lithuania,

Aruba votes to recognise same-sex unions with marriage-equivalent benefits

Aruba just gave its same-sex couples the right to legally register their unions and to receive benefits equivalent to those afforded to married couples. The legislature on Friday voted to recognise the unions. Benefits include being able to make medical decisions on behalf of their partner and the right to receive pension payments after the

Greece becomes 26th European country to recognise same-sex partnerships

Among 249 present parliamentarians, 194 voted for and 55 voted against this law. The concept of registered partnership had existed in Greece since 2009 but was only available to heterosexual partners; this was declared discriminatory by the European Court of Human Rights.  As a result of today’s vote, same-sex couples will now benefit from various

Lithuanian MPs Register Bill to Allow Same-sex Partnership

On the 25th of March, 2015 nine Lithuanian members of parliament representing the Social Democratic and Liberal party groups have registered a bill to allow same-sex civil partnership, reports Lithuanian news agency BNS. Liberal MP Dalia Kuodytė, one of the authors of the bill, said the draft law was not aimed at undermining the importance