Vilnius archbishopric gives Missionary Church to the city, but gays are not allowed

The Vilnius city council approved the project of forming a Missionary Church and a monastery complex on Subaciaus street, into a cultural and educational spot. The Choir “Azuoliukas” as well as an elementary school will take up the residence, and additionally a concert hall will be opened. Besides, the contract includes things that are not allowed, for example anything that is related to homosexuality, says

According to the article, the buildings are in need of renovation but the city’s budget is full of holes, and the debt exceeds income.

It is said that Mayor Artūras Zuokas plans to use the EU Structural Funds: “We are working on an application, the Ministry of Education and Sciene endorses and supports this project.  We have already submitted an application for funding for the design and will prepare an investment project to receive European funding. It would be a unique space not only in Vilnius, but also in all Lithuania.”

All this will require a substantial amount of money – about 22-25 million Litas (approx. 6.4 – 7.2 million Euro).

The signed contract will validly allow the usage of the buildings for 25 years. However, the city will not be able to use the rooms without restrictions. The contract includes certain confinements.

„The building is given away for cultural and educational purpose (studying, rehearsals, concerts, exhibitions and similar activities for the public interest) with a condition that the organized activities don’t violate Christian morals  i.e. there is no way the building can be used for, or how ever related to, gambling, prostitution, striptease clubs, activities linked to erotic and pornographic literature, violence or propaganda of homosexuality, abortion, euthanasia“, – this is some points that are written in the contract, which will be signed by Vilnius mayor Artūras Zuokas and Vilnius archbishop Gintaras Grušas.

Vilnius archbishopric also ensured that they could check all the activities in the Missionary church building at any time, as it is stated in the contract.

Chair of National LGBT rights association (LGL) Mr. Vladimir Simonko said that if municipality will apply for the EU Structural Funds, LGL will consider the possibility to address the European Commission and other relevant institutions with a request to review the application and assess it based on the Regulation on the European Social Fund (ESF). The Regulation adopted by the European Parliament, among other things, states that the implementation of the priorities financed by the ESF should contribute to combating discrimination based on sexual orientation.

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