Pride Voices Gala star LaDiva Live: “I am sure that I will marry a Lithuanian very soon”

Having performed in various LGBT events in Vilnius and participated in Lithuanian “X Factor”, drag queen LaDiva Live needs little introduction within the circles of the local LGBT community. Returning to Lithuania to perform at the “Baltic Pride” 2019 Pride Voices Gala event on 7 June, LaDiva Live threw a spectacular live performance including elements of song, dance and cabaret. This time LaDiva Live teamed up with her friends and colleagues Sharonne from Spain and Catherine from Switzerland and gave the audience the most uplifting pre-pride experience.


How are you feeling after your performance at the “X Factor”? What are your impressions about this Lithuanian TV show? Would you take part in it once again?

“It was a great feeling. I did not know what to expect being in a Lithuanian TV show and having no Lithuanian language skills. It was quite stressful, but I felt very welcome to be there. I have never been a fan of TV competitions but I thought that it would be nice to promote a kind of diversity and have an indirect visibility for LGL and I think that we managed to do that and the members of the jury were so nice and had pertinent questions. Unfortunately, I could not continue as I had other engagements but I would love to renew this experience (maybe as a judge of the show).”

As a long-term supporter of the Lithuanian LGBT community, do you notice any changes concerning the growing openness within our community? Are you following the LGBT human rights situation in Lithuania? Do you believe that progress will be made soon?

“I follow the situation thanks to LGL Facebook page and I was really concerned about the arson attack that happened last year. I like to think that this is due to the fact that haters are losing ground so they are desperate. But we need to remain highly vigilant and not give in to fear.”

What can we expect for the Baltic Pride Voices Gala event? Have you prepared any surprises for us? Could you tell us more about your collaboration with drag divas Sharonne (Spain) and Catherine (Switzerland)? Will you put some of your beautiful dresses in the hand luggage just in case registered luggage will get lost?

“I expect love, fun and sharing. We are working on some duets with Catherine D’oex and probably with Sharonne as well. I am thinking of sending my dresses 3 months in advance just in case (laughs).”

What are your impressions about gay cruises throughout Europe? We know that you have performed in various gay cruises. Do you think gay cruises are a form of Pride event?

“I will be performing on The Cruise (powered by la Démence) for the ninth year in a row. I never would have believed that. I love performing there as there is a great friendly atmosphere and you get to meet people from so many nationalities (an average of 80) so in a sense it is a kind of mini world pride.”

What would you like to wish for Lithuanian LGBT community as the most famous drag diva in Lithuania?

“I wish for you to have the same rights as every Lithuanian and be happy and have the same opportunities as everyone to realise your dreams and above all I wish you love. I am sure that I will marry a Lithuanian very soon. Do you have any candidates?”