EU Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA): 61% of Lithuanian LGBT* Community Suffer from Discrimination or Harassment

The results of the EU LGBT Survey, published by the EU Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) on 17 May 2013, indicate that 61% of the Lithuanian LGBT* community suffer from discrimination or harassment. According to the survey, it is the highest ratio of hostility towards the local LGBT* community among 27 EU Member States and Croatia.

In addition to this, 27% of the Lithuanian respondents felt discriminated against in the last 12 months when looking for a job and/or at work because of being LGBT*. The result is one of the highest in the EU as well – it is more worrisome only in Cyprus (30%). In this category Lithuania significantly exceeds the EU average of 20%. According to the survey, LGBT* individuals suffer from discrimination in other areas of life as well, i.e. provision of goods and services, education, healthcare and social security. In Lithuania 42% of respondents felt discriminated against in the last 12 months in areas other than employment because of being LGBT*.

In response to a question, whether they had heard negative comments or seen negative conduct because a schoolmate was perceived to be LGBT during their schooling before the age of 18, 88% of Lithuanian respondents answered positively. In addition to this, 81% of Lithuanian respondents confirmed that they had “always” or “often” hidden or disguised being LGBT during their schooling before the age of 18 – it is the highest percentage among the EU Member States and Croatia as well.

Only 1% of Lithuanian LGBT* individuals believe that same-sex couples holding hands in public is “very widespread”, while 69% believe that it is applicable to different-sex couples.

The EU LGBT survey indicates that 26% of all the respondents have faced an attack or a threat of violence in the course of the last 5 years. 66% of the respondents are afraid of expressing their affection to their partner in public.