India’s First Transgender School Opens Its Doors

Welcomes trans students who have dropped out of school.

India’s transgender school in Kochi, Kerala is the first of its kind.

Saraj International opened its doors on Friday and aims to help transgender adults aged 25 to 50 who have dropped out of school to finish their education.

There are currently six students enrolled in the school and the school hopes to admit a total of 10.

The teachers and trainers at the school are also trans.

The state of Kerala was the first in India to adopt a transgender policy against discrimination and government hospitals here also offer free gender reassignment surgery.

Although Kerala is very open, trans students still face discrimination from family and friends, which leads to the high number of dropouts.

The school is headed by Vijayraja Mallika and she says: ‘Kerala has some 25,000 transgenders, and 57% of them were forced to drop out of school due to stigma.’

With plans on future growth and allowing more trans people to have similar opportunities to an education, Mallika said: ‘This is a model centre. Once proved successful, we will expand the facilities and admit more people, from across India.’

The founder of the school, trans activist Kalki Subramaniam said: ‘This day is historic for me.’

In 2014, the Supreme Court ruled that India’s estimated two million transgender people have equal rights under the law.

While the law allows transgender people to marry, inherit property and fill quotas in jobs and educational institutions, discrimination is still common.