EVS Volunteer Tatiana Participated in the Mid-Term Training in Trakai

Last September week I commenced my second half of the EVS with perfectly organized mid-term training. The training took place in the beautiful city of Trakai just 22 km away from Vilnius, surrounded by wonderful lakes and greenery. This experience was elevating and uplifting in so many ways. My mid-term training was filled with numerous

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Belarusian journalists: LGBT* topics no longer taboo in independent news

Although Lithuania has enjoyed almost three decades of independent media, themes such as those related to the LGBT community sometimes receive superficial and unprofessional coverage. Even so, progress is clear. Neighboring Belarus, whose government controls a large portion of public information channels, however, has little to celebrate. According to “Journalists for Tolerance” representatives Andrus and


Trans People in Nepal Can Now Update Their Gender on Citizenship Papers

Nepal’s Supreme Court ruled it violated human rights for people not to have their true gender on their personal documents. The Nepal Supreme Court has just made it possible for people to update all of their personal documents to reflect their true name and gender. Personal documents include citizenship papers, birth certificates and educational documents.


International Coming Out Day: Movie Premiere of “Out in the Dark”

On the occasion of the International Coming Out Day on October 11th, 2017 at 6 PM the National LGBT* rights organization LGL, in collaboration with the Embassy of Israel in Vilnius, will organize the movie screening of “Out in the Dark” in Vilnius. An Israeli drama “Out in the Dark” (2012), centered on the love affair between two

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Four Homophobic Legislative Initiatives on Lithuanian Parliament’s Autumn Agenda

Returning to the 3rd regular session Lithuanian Parliament preparing is preparing to debate on four legislative amendments and legislative initiatives that would restrict LGBT rights. Even though a certain progress may be observed, as legislative initiatives clearly infringing upon freedoms of association and expression have not been registered, the proposed amendment to the Constitution, Law


Top Stupid Questions We Get Asked as Bisexuals

Like all the other trendy people on Facebook, last year on December 31st I made some New Year resolutions. I will stop letting my insecurities and lack of confidence define me, I will speak for myself – screamed point no. 17. I can feel this tension in the air as the International Bisexual Visibility Day


UNI-FORM encourages reporting on homophobic and transphobic hate crimes

On September 28th, 2017 the National LGBT* Rights Organization LGL together with its international partners will be launching the mobile application and reporting website UNI-FORM at the European Parliament, in Brussels. This online mechanism for reporting homophobic and (or) transphobic hate crimes will be available on the web, on the AppleStore and on GooglePlay, and


Israeli Government Will Update Same-sex Adoption Laws

The Israeli government has announced changes to the country’s adoption laws. A case at the Supreme Court means discrimination against same-sex couples wishing to adopt will now be banned. It comes following a petition regarding same-sex adoption that was filed by the Association of Israeli Gay Fathers. The new legislation will be introduced by June


Two Thirds of LGBT Youth in Northern Ireland Don’t Feel Welcome at School

Students said the lack of LGBT visibility in school contributed to the high levels of homophobia and transphobia. Newly published research reveals 67% of LGBT youth in Northern Ireland feel unwelcome at school. The study shows further evidence that schools are having a negative impact on the emotional well-being of Irish LGBT youth. Northern Ireland


LGL Representatives Meet with “Rainbow Rights” Project Partners in Helsinki

On September 7th, 2017 representatives of the National LGBT* rights organization LGL attended a meeting with their partners in the project “Rainbow Rights: Promoting LGBTI Equality in Europe” in Helsinki. During the meeting, the activists discussed future project activities. At the meeting, the implementing organizations also made decisions on project events in the near future,


LGBT* Students Speak out about their Experiences in Lithuanian High Schools

It appears that a scandal widely publicized this spring, in which dozens of students in a moral education lesson at Telšių Žemaitės school were shown material comparing gay people to murderers and cannibals, may not have been an isolated incident. This summer, LGL carried out an anonymous survey in which respondents – 475 LGBT* high


The Biggest Rally for LGBTI Rights in Australian History

Tens of thousands of people in cities around Australia hit the pavement to support marriage equality. More than 30,000 people took to the streets of Sydney to march for marriage equality in what became Australia’s largest LGBTI rally in history on September 10. Thousands of people also hit the streets in Brisbane and Hobart to