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published on For the last three years the support group for parents of the LGBTQ people is active in Minsk. With the help of psychologists parents learn how to understand and accept their children. Unfortunately, coming-out in Belarus often leads to conflicts and end of relationships with the parents. It’s especially difficult for parents

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Lithuanian Trans* Persons Featured in a Social Video for the First Time

The National LGBT* rights organization LGL, advocating for LGBT* rights in Lithuania, proudly presents the social videos of its ongoing social campaign #TRANS_LT, aimed at increasing the visibility of trans* people in Lithuanian society. The social videos, filmed by a creative team of LGL and local movie director Romas Zabarauskas, feature the members of the


TRANS PEOPLE in Ireland will now not have to rely on testimony from psychiatrists or endocrinologists to have their gender recognised by the state. Instead, their self-declaration will be accepted, for the purpose of updating passports, driving licences, obtaining a new birth cert, and getting married. Tánaiste Joan Burton announced this evening that the Cabinet

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Israel to permit trans people to legally change gender without surgery

Israel is to re-draft its recognition laws, so trans people will no longer be forced to undergo surgery to legally change their gender. Israel’s Interior Ministry announced it would allow citizens to change their gender designation on ID cards from now on – without requiring them to go through gender reassignment surgery first. The change is