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Four Homophobic Legislative Initiatives on Lithuanian Parliament’s Autumn Agenda

Returning to the 3rd regular session Lithuanian Parliament preparing is preparing to debate on four legislative amendments and legislative initiatives that would restrict LGBT rights. Even though a certain progress may be observed, as legislative initiatives clearly infringing upon freedoms of association and expression have not been registered, the proposed amendment to the Constitution, Law

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Lithuanian Parliament Urged to Protect the Constitutional Definition of Family

On International Children’s Day, almost eighty nongovernmental organizations urged Lithuanian Parliament members not to change the existing constitutional definition of family, and to develop realistic measures to ensure protection and support for children and families. The NGOs noted that the proposed amendments provide no further benefit to families in Lithuania, but rather the opposite –


Lithuanian Parliament Speaker ‘Not Ready’ for Same-Sex Partnerships

The Lithuanian society is not ready for same-sex partnerships, Speaker of the Lithuanian Seimas Loreta Graužinienė claims. “Our society is not ready for such an action [legislating on same-sex partnership],” she told the Žinių Radijas news radio on July 22nd, 2015. In her words, such decisions could be made after a new and more tolerant

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On 19 June 2014 the Lithuanian Parliament Seimas refused to drop the controversial amendment to the Criminal Code, which would remove criminal liability for homophobic hate speech. 18 MPs voted in favor of considering this amendment further while 11 MPs abstained (29 MPs in total), thus outnumbering 25 MPs who voted against the proposal. According


Lithuania ‘gay propaganda’ bill fails to get the votes

A bill that would have introduced Russia-style gay propaganda laws to Lithuania has failed to get the votes today (13 March). Lawmakers made their decision on a bill that would have outlawed gay pride parades, pubic speeches in support of LGBTI rights, gay rights campaign materials and audio-visual materials in support of the rights of


Lithuanian lawmakers will vote on ‘homosexual propaganda’ bill today

Lithuanian lawmakers will vote today on a bill that would outlaw gay pride parades, public speeches in support of LGBTI rights, gay rights campaign materials and audio-visual materials in support of the rights of LGBTI people. The bill would make such actions an administrative offense with fines of between $US400 to $US1200, and $US1200 to


The Parliament Will Consider Five Homophobic Bills in Autumn Session

On 5 September 2013 the Spokesperson of the Lithuanian Parliament Seimas presented the proposal for the agenda of the Parliament’s autumn session. According to the draft agenda, the Parliament will consider 4 homophobic and transphobic legislative initiatives, encompassing the total ban on gender reassignment, prohibition of same-sex adoption, introduction of administrative liability for the “denigration of constitutional moral values” and the amendment to


Lithuanian MPs ask EU opinion on anti-gay bills

A group of Lithuanian lawmakers have turned to EU institutions, asking for their position as to whether bills put before the Seimas do not violate human and sexual minority rights. The bills include proposals to ban “violation of constitutional moral values” and state that “every child has the natural right to a father and mother,


The group of the Lithuanian MPs seeks to establish that the criticism of homosexuality and attempts to change one’s sexual orientation would not be qualified as discrimination or harassment on grounds of sexual orientation. The MPs propose to amend the Criminal Code by inserting a provision that “the criticism of sexual behavior or sexual practices, convictions or