A Director of Pilaitė high school in Vilnius Zotikas Popovas was “horrified” to receive a publication about homophobic bullying in Lithuanian schools, sent as a gift to schools and educational institutions throughout the country by the national LGBT* rights organization LGL on the 3rd of April, 2015. The publication “Homophobic Bullying in Lithuanian Schools: Survey

On April 3rd, 2015, volunteers of the national LGBT* rights organization LGL sent out the publication, “Homophobic Bullying in Lithuanian Schools: Survey Results and Recommendations” to schools and educational institutions throughout the country. 250 Lithuanian schools, all of the pedagogical psychological service providers working in Lithuania, higher learning institutions training educators and social workers, the

LGL Presents a Publication about Homophobic Bullying in Lithuanian Schools

The national LGBT* rights organization LGL presents a publication “Homophobic Bullying in Lithuanian Schools: Survey Results and Recommendations”, introducing one of the most pressing, yet unrecognized issues in Lithuanian schools. This publication is the first step towards tackling the problem of homophobic and biphobic bullying in Lithuanian schools and aims to provide teachers and other

Ireland: Government launches push to tackle homophobia in primary schools

The Irish government has launched its first resource to help primary school teachers tackle homophobic bullying. The guide, titled Respect, will be officially launched by Education minister Jan O’Sullivan this evening. It was created by the Department of Education and Skills, alongside the Irish National Teachers’ Organisation and Ireland’s Gay and Lesbian Equality Network (GLEN). The

Labour announces plans to make LGBT-inclusive sex education compulsory

The Labour Party has today announced that it will make Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) compulsory in all state schools, and that it plans to crack down on homophobic bullying. The announcement was made by Shadow Education Secretary Tristram Hunt today at Little Ilford School in London. The plan, as well as making age-appropriate SRE

Lithuanian Student Forced to Drop from School due to the Extreme Homophobic Bullying

On November 30th, 2014 Lithuanian news portal lrytas.lt reported that a student was forced to leave Kaunas Juozas Naujalis Music School due to the homophobic bullying by his teachers and classmates. In the meanwhile the mother of the student was reportedly accused by teachers of interfering with the internal school policies as she defended her

An effective response to bullying at the international conference in Vilnius

National LGBT* rights organization LGL organized an international conference “Tackling Homophobic and Transphobic Bullying: Challenges and Effective Responses”, which took place in Vilnius on October 2, 2014. The presentations on homophobic and transphobic bullying were given by a team of international experts:  Marinus Schouten (GALE – the Global Alliance for LGBT* Education, the Netherlands), Michael Barron