MEP Valentinas Mazuronis: LGBT* Marches are Conscious Instigation of Society

On June 17th, 2016 Valentinas Mazuronis, a member of the European Parliament’s Group of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe and the chairman of Lithuania’s Labour Party, published an article in Lithuanian news portal, expressing his negative attitude towards the Lithuanian LGBT* community’s right to march at the “Baltic Pride” 2016 March for

Since the major political parties in Lithuania – Lithuanian Social Democratic Party (LSDP), The Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats and the The Labour Party – are in the process of electing their new leaders, the LGBT* community in Lithuania demands a change in the management bodies of the latter parties. The representatives of the

Labour announces plans to make LGBT-inclusive sex education compulsory

The Labour Party has today announced that it will make Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) compulsory in all state schools, and that it plans to crack down on homophobic bullying. The announcement was made by Shadow Education Secretary Tristram Hunt today at Little Ilford School in London. The plan, as well as making age-appropriate SRE

Lithuania: two parties in the ruling coalition express their anti-LGBT agenda

Representatives of the Lithuanian Labour Party and Order and Justice express their views on LGBT issues to The deputy chairman of the Lithuanian Labour Party Kęstutis Daukšys was asked a question about the party’s short program, which states that Members of the European Parliament representing the Labour Party are going to protect people from