20 Years Ago the Last Australian State Decriminalized Homosexuality

‘The sky didn’t fall in then and it won’t now’ The activists who led the push to decriminalize homosexuality in Tasmania say Australia can learn a lot from their campaign. Tasmania was the last state to decriminalize homosexuality 20 years ago today. Rodney Croome led the push to end the criminalization of gay sex and

Lebanon is Getting Closer to Decriminalising Homosexuality

A judge in Lebanon has conceded that homosexuality should not be illegal in a landmark case that may change the future of LGBT people living in the country. Judge Rabih Maalouf declared that “homosexuality is a personal choice, and not a punishable offence” in the ruling which referenced Article 183. The article states that “An

Sri Lanka Just Took a Decision on Whether to Legalise Homosexuality

Sri Lanka’s top politicians have taken a decision on legalising homosexuality. The cabinet met yesterday to discuss proposals to decriminalise same-sex acts. Currently same-sex acts, by a person of any gender, are illegal under Sri Lankan law. Households headed by same-sex couples are not eligible for any the protection given to married couples. Some private

European Parliament urges Tunisia to decriminalise homosexuality

In a vote on EU – Tunisia relations, the European Parliament has urged Tunisia to decriminalise homosexuality. Currently, Article 230 of the Penal Code foresees three years imprisonment for ‘sodomy’. Over the past year a dozen of people have been arrested under this law. This stands in stark contrast with 2014 Constitution, which has been

Nauru decriminalizes homosexuality

Nauru announced last week that it has decriminalized homosexuality in the Pacific island nation. A press release that Nauru’s government released on May 27 said the Crimes Act 2016 “removed homosexuality as an offense.” The decriminalization of consensual same-sex relations is part of a new criminal code that lawmakers in the Pacific island nation have

European Parliament concerned about LGBTI situation Gambia

In a resolution adopted last week, the European Parliament has called on Gambia to repeal its laws criminalising LGBTI people, and urged the government to guarantee the right to freedom of expression and the right to non-discrimination. The calls were made in a resolution addressing the current human rights crisis in the country. The resolution

Labour’s Lord Cashman pledges for the world to achieve gay rights by 2020

Newly appointed member of the House of Lords Michael Cashman: ‘Unless we set ourselves a goal, we cannot hope to achieve it.’  Lord Michael Cashman has said, if Labour is elected in the next UK government, the party will set itself a goal to achieve decriminalization of homosexuality worldwide by 2020. Speaking at the Gay