Journalist Eglė Digrytė converses with the participant of the Baltic Pride 2016 cultural event “Pride Voices” LGBT* activist from Uganda Wamala Dennis Mawejje. – What does it mean to be a gay person in Uganda where homosexuality is illegal? – Being a gay in Uganda means living with the constant reality that you may end

Proposed law in Uganda could be used to shut down all pro-gay charities

A new law has been drafted in Uganda that could be used to ban all pro-gay charities and LGBT rights groups. The country’s new Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) bill would give the government the ability to approve, inspect, and dissolve all community groups and NGOs based on a number of criteria – as well as to impose harsh fines. One

Uganda: New anti-gay law drafted

The Anti-Homosexuality Act was passed earlier this year, but was struck down by the country’s Constitutional Court in August, who found that Parliamentary procedures had been abused to pass it illegally. However, politicians in the country have refused to accept defeat on the legislation, and have been clamouring to put the homophobic law back into place. Human