A claim has been made that former US President Barack Obama asked the former President of Nigeria Goodluck Jonathan to delay an anti-gay bill. The claim was made by former Senate President David Mark, who said that Obama had asked Jonathan to delay the bill because of the US Presidential election. He had apparently asked

Kerala Might Be the First Indian State to Repeal Anti-gay Laws

The south-western Indian state, Kerala, might become the first to repeal section 377 of the country’s penal code. Even if the Bill doesn’t pass, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities for LGBTI people. Section 377 is a hangover from British Colonial rule and prohibits ‘carnal intercourse against the order of nature’. According

Indonesia considers law banning gay sex

Indonesia’s Constitutional Court will consider a law to make gay sex a crime. Family Love Alliance, a group of far-right wing Islamic activists, wants the courts to introduce a ban on consensual sex between adults. Prison sentences are suggested to go up to 15 years. Rita Hendrawaty, chairwoman of the group, said on Wednesday it

Pride Uganda raided by police as LGBT activists arrested

A Pride event in Uganda has been broken up by police as at least two LGBT+ activists are arrested. Pride Uganda tweeted that the small gathering in Kampala had been raided by police, as prominent LGBT+ activist Frank Mugisha also tweeted that he had been arrested. The tweet from Pride read: “We have been raided

Gay Pride to take place in Uganda, despite hostility

The country’s LGBT community is preparing for its annual gay pride parade, taking place this weekend. This year’s event has special significance – it has been a year since the controversial anti-gay law was scrapped – giving marchers even more reason to celebrate. Richard Lusimbo – who is heading up the committee behind this year’s parade –

Uganda: New anti-gay law drafted

The Anti-Homosexuality Act was passed earlier this year, but was struck down by the country’s Constitutional Court in August, who found that Parliamentary procedures had been abused to pass it illegally. However, politicians in the country have refused to accept defeat on the legislation, and have been clamouring to put the homophobic law back into place. Human

Kenya: MP proposes “Stone to death the gays” bill

Kenya’s Republican Liberty Party wants to impose the death penalty for homosexuality and has put forward a bill that would see foreign gays and lesbians in the country stoned to death. The party’s draft Anti-Homosexuality Bill would also see gay and lesbian Kenyans jailed for life and stoned to death in public for ‘aggravated homosexuality’

Uganda: Pride Parade held following invalidation of anti-LGBT law

The parade took place on a beach in Entebbe, and is the first public demonstration since the law was invalidated last Friday. Around two hundred people were expected to attend the pride event, and were waiting for police protection before they marched. Many wore masks, as they did not want to be identified. The country’s Constitutional Court struck