Pride Uganda raided by police as LGBT activists arrested

A Pride event in Uganda has been broken up by police as at least two LGBT+ activists are arrested. Pride Uganda tweeted that the small gathering in Kampala had been raided by police, as prominent LGBT+ activist Frank Mugisha also tweeted that he had been arrested. The tweet from Pride read: “We have been raided

Uganda held largest ever rally for LGBTI rights

Uganda held its largest ever rally for LGBTI rights on Tuesday (17 May). The event, scheduled to coincide with International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia, saw around 300 Ugandan LGBTI celebrate and enjoy and live in as much freedom as they could. Sponsored by the Rainbow International LGBT Activist Solidarity Fund, it saw a

Gay Pride to take place in Uganda, despite hostility

The country’s LGBT community is preparing for its annual gay pride parade, taking place this weekend. This year’s event has special significance – it has been a year since the controversial anti-gay law was scrapped – giving marchers even more reason to celebrate. Richard Lusimbo – who is heading up the committee behind this year’s parade –

Uganda has its first presidential candidate who opposes homophobia

A Ugandan presidential candidate has made history – by affirming that he opposes homophobia. With the 2016 election approaching, former prime minister Amama Mbazazi has stated that he opposes homophobia – making him one of the only Ugandan politicians to ever do so. In an interview on NBS Television, he said that, while he still believes in traditional

Proposed law in Uganda could be used to shut down all pro-gay charities

A new law has been drafted in Uganda that could be used to ban all pro-gay charities and LGBT rights groups. The country’s new Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) bill would give the government the ability to approve, inspect, and dissolve all community groups and NGOs based on a number of criteria – as well as to impose harsh fines. One

Uganda: Pride Parade held following invalidation of anti-LGBT law

The parade took place on a beach in Entebbe, and is the first public demonstration since the law was invalidated last Friday. Around two hundred people were expected to attend the pride event, and were waiting for police protection before they marched. Many wore masks, as they did not want to be identified. The country’s Constitutional Court struck

Anti-gay Ugandan politician set to become new UN General Assembly head

Sam Kutesa serves as Ugandan Foreign Minister under President Museveni, who recently introduced a strict anti-gay law in the country, with heavy punishments for offenders. Kutesa, who previously claimed that the majority of Africans “abhor” homosexuality, will become President of the General Assembly next month without a single vote cast, having been selected by the African Union

Uganda: Trial begins of two men charged under anti-gay law

This is the first trial since the law harshening penalties for those found guilty of homosexuality was enacted earlier this year. They appeared at a magistrate’s court on Wednesday in Kampala in order to apply for bail following the announcement that prosecutors believed to have enough evidedence, will proceed with a case against them. They

Uganda proposes new law to tackle NGOs promoting ‘very bad homosexuality’

Uganda says it plans to introduce a new law that would prohibit non-governmental organisations (NGOs) from promoting homosexuality, further tightening rules on same-sex activity in the country. The proposed law comes in the wake of increasing pressure placed upon the country’s President Yoweri Museveni, by international rights groupsfollowing growing repression and opposition towards LGBT Ugandans.

Ugandan President: ‘Gay sex gives you worms and all gay people are prostitutes’

The President of Uganda on signing into law a bill harshening penalties for those arrested for being gay, made ludicrous claims that gay people give each other worms through sex, and that people are only gay because they have sex for money. President Museveni signed the bill in front of politicians and reporters on Monday