Take a Picture!

In order to encourage people to sign an online partition at manoteises.lt with the view of establishing quick, transparent and accessible gender reassignment procedure in Lithuania, we invite you to take a ‘selfie‘ with a “TRANS_LT” banner and to support our initiative. Are you a member of the local LGBT* community? An interested observer? Or maybe just an ordinary citizen, who firmly believes that human rights belong to everyone irrespective of one’s sexual orientation and/or gender identity? Grab a piece of paper, decorate it with a “#TRANS_LT” slogan, take a ‘sefie‘ and forward it to us through office@gay.lt. Your picture will be uploaded to our profile on social network FaceBook next morning!


Staff of the National LGBT* Rights Organization LGL (from left to right – Eduardas, Eglė, Tomas, Samanta, Vladimir): “Lithuania remains to be the only member state within the framework of the Council of Europe with no gender reassignment procedure in place. THE TIME HAS COME TO CHANGE IT!”

Starting with December 7th, 2015, at least one ‘selfie’‘ with the “TRANS_LT” banner and a straightforward suggestion on how to improve the situation of transgender human rights in Lithuania will be uploaded on our profile on social network FaceBook. The members of the local LGBT* community, our friends, supporters, grandparents, relatives and neighbors – everyone stands under the flag of the TRANS* community today, so that these people could live their lives free of discrimination and harassment in Lithuania.