EuroPride 2015 Invites the World to Create History in Riga

Organizers Launch Crowdfunding Campaign to Help Ensure Successful Event

From June 15 to June 21, 2015, Riga, Latvia will host one of its most historic events – EuroPride 2015.  Organizers of the pan-European Pride event today launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise needed funds for key elements of the weeklong celebration.

25 years after regaining independence from the Soviet Union, Latvia will be the first post-Soviet country to host EuroPride. This is the first time that EuroPride is taking place on the European Union’s eastern border with Russia, which is an opportunity to draw global attention to this region, solicit international support for the promotion of LGBT rights, and stand in solidarity with those struggling to fight oppression of LGBT rights just across the border.

EuroPride 2015 will celebrate a decade since Riga hosted its first Pride, which faced incredible violence and hostility when 70 activists faced the fury of several thousand protesters.

EuroPride 2015 will truly be the hotspot of LGBT life in Europe this summer, supported by the local and international LGBT community.

EuroPride 2015 will host the most important Pride parade to date in the Baltics and a variety of events, including exhibitions about LGBT history in Latvia since the beginning of 20th Century and exhibitions Tom of Finland’s original works, the film festival “Black Carnation”, inclusive workshops, conferences and an LGBT Business Forum as well as an extensive entertainment programme.

Ensuring a successful event in Riga however comes with its challenges.  In spite of the gains made in Latvia, event organizers still face internal opposition challenging EuroPride. A group that call themselves the Anti-globalists have used legal loophole to attempt to block the EuroPride 2015 Rally.

At the same time, corporate support for EuroPride 2015 has been very limited, in spite of continued efforts by a dedicated sponsorship team. While EuroPride 2015 is supported by the US Embassy in Riga, The Netherlands Embassy in Riga, German Embassy in Riga, AirBaltic, Golden Bar and several individuals, no global corporations that support LGBT causes worldwide have agreed to support EuroPride in Latvia.

To ensure a successful and fully featured event, EuroPride 2015 organizers are calling on supporters around the world to contribute to a 30-day crowdfunding campaign to help it fund critical elements of the celebration, including the parade, rally, security, exhibitions and Pride House.

To learn more about the crowdfunding campaign and make a donation, please click here