Rainbow Days: Baltic Pride 2013 photo-album launched

On 21 May 2014 LGL launched the Baltic Pride 2013 photo-album. LGL team and supporters attended the event that took place at the Contemporary Art Centre.

Baltic Pride 2013 was an extremely important moment for the Lithuanian LGBT* community. It gave us visibility as a community, it showed the support we enjoy from many non-LGBT supporters, and it marked a victory in ensuring the effective right to freedom of assembly for all Lithuanian citizens. One year later, the launch of the photo-album was the perfect occasion to remember this important event all together.

The book was presented by the Chairman of LGL Vladimir Simonko, the Ambassador of Norway Leif Arne Ulland, who supported the project morally and financially, and photographer Augustas Didžgalvis, whose work is showcased in the photo-album. You can have a look at the online version of the album here.

The launch of the book was followed by a lecture on challenges in queer art by art critic Laima Kreyvitė.