Stand Up: Baltic Pride 2014 in Tallinn (2-8 June)

On June 2, the Baltic Pride 2014 will begin in Tallinn and it will take the form of a week-long festival filled with a number of events, taking place not only in Tallinn, but also in Tartu. All the workshops, performances, discussions, reading groups, exhibitions and film screenings will gravitate around one main theme, STAND UP, and the slogan for the whole festival is I’ll stand up for my right to be myself, I’ll stand up for my family and friends and their right to be who they are. Each day will be devoted to a specific topic: stories, health, politics, identities, standing up and out, families. The main event of the week will take place on Saturday, and it will be an open-air concert starting at 2 pm.

LGL will actively participate in the Baltic Pride 2014 organizing a discussion on the situation of LGBT people in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. This event will take place on June 5 and is supported by the Dutch Embassy in Latvia and the EEA Grants. On this occasion LGL will also present its recently issued Baltic Pride 2013 photo album, which showcases some of the most salient moment of last year’s Baltic Pride in Vilnius.

You can find more information about Baltic Pride 2014 and read the detailed program of the initiative here, and you can see the official video of the event here.