LGL is urging the speakers of EU parliaments to block homophobic initiatives in the Lithuanian Parliament

In relation to the conference of the EU parliament speakers which took place in Vilnius on the 6-8th of April, association LGL has sent out the letters to the members of national delegations. LGL requested them seize an opportunity to express disapproval of the draft amendments restricting LGBT persons’ rights which are to be considered in the spring session of the Lithuanian Parliament.

In the letter sent to the members of the delegations, LGL has spotlighted five homophobic amendments proposed by the members of Lithuanian Seimas which are alluding to V. Putin‘s recent law on the so-called “gay propaganda” law. “We believe that the stances of certain Lithuanian Parliamentarians which made them to propose such amendments are in conflict with the international human rights standards and therefore have to be reconsidered in order to ensure better protection of the human rights of all citizens of the European Union. Therefore we kindly ask you to use the opportunity of the Conference of Speakers of European Union Parliaments to raise the issue of LGBT persons’ human rights protection in Lithuania during the discussions and meetings with Lithuanian Members of Parliament” – stated LGL in the letter.

Given the current situation in Lithuania, various U.S and EU politicians have expressed their support for the national LGBT rights organization LGL on repeated occasions. LGL expects that Lithuanian politicians will take into account the comments and suggestions proposed by their colleagues who have a more solid basis in protecting human rights in order to ensure equal rights for all EU citizens.


Contact person: Vladimir Simonko, +370 612 58211

Read more: lrytas.lt, diena.lt, alfa.lt, delfi.lt (information is in Lithuanian).