Slovenian Parliament debates gender neutral marriage

Slovenia’s Parliament has in a groundbreaking move debated same-sex marriage, despite gay and lesbian couples being banned from tying the knot there. The country was hailed by the ILGA Europe LGBT network for the debate which took place on Tuesday. During the debate was discussed amendments to the Marriage and Family Act, which could possibly


Fines that go up to 6,000 litas for “public defiance of family values” are being discussed in the Parliament, while MPs themselves don’t seem to to have a clear definition of what is “public defiance of the family”. This is the third attempt by MP Peter Gražulis to restrict the freedom of expression of LGBT*


In relation to the conference of the EU parliament speakers which took place in Vilnius on the 6-8th of April, association LGL has sent out the letters to the members of national delegations. LGL requested them seize an opportunity to express disapproval of the draft amendments restricting LGBT persons’ rights which are to be considered