Lithuanian society is still reluctant to accept same-sex marriage

According to the recent survey, Lithuanians still oppose same-sex marriages. As the survey carried out by the Lithuanian Chamber of Notaries shows that the possibility to register same-sex partnerships was appreciated only by 7 percent of the respondents, satisfactory – by 4 percent. Even 79 percent of the respondents expressed negative opinion, 10 percent did not answer the question at all.

Comparing to the analogical survey carried out in October 2012, the number of people supporting same-sex partnership registration dropped by 3 percentage points (2012 – 10 percent), and the number of people who disapprove increased by 5 percentage points (in 2012 – 74 percent).

Respondents also negatively assess a possibility of same-sex marriages: 5 percent of respondents held positive or rather positive opinion, 3 percent – satisfactory, 84 percent – negative and 8 percent did not replay. In 2012, same-sex marriages were supported by 7 percent of the respondents and opposed by 78 percent.

The survey also asked respondents about a possible new approach to notarial acts in relation to opposite-sex marriage and partnership registration.

According to the survey, the respondents were more positive compared to the last year looking at proposals to register an opposite- different sex partnership: 37 percent expressed positive or less positive opinion, 14 percent – satisfactory, 36 per cent – negative and 15 percent of the respondents did not reply. In 2012, proponents of opposite-sex partnership registration amounted for as much as 28 percent.

When asked about the suggestion that the notaries in Lithuania should have the right to register marriages, the opinion of the respondents shared equally: positive and negative responses amounted for 36 percent, 13 percent – satisfactory, 15 percent did not reply.

When asked about the proposals that the notaries in Lithuania should have the right to dissolve a marriage when there is neither dispute nor underage children, positively responded 64 percent of respondents, 12 percent – satisfactory, 11 percent – negatively and 13 percent did not reply.

Compared to 2012, the number of proponents supporting the possibility for notaries to have right to register dissolved marriages (when there is neither dispute nor underage child), increased to 4 and 3 percentage points.

The poll, ordered by the Lithuanian Chamber of Notaries in November, was carried out by the Public Opinion and Market Research Center VILMORUS. The poll was conducted by a representative sample methodology and surveyed 1,000 people aged 18 or more.