LGBTI families still lack public support, survey results show

Survey by Baltijos tyrimai, implemented on 15-19 of January, 2021, reflected Lithuanian opinion on same-sex family rights.  While overall support remains very low, survey revealed certain new tendencies.

41% of respondents agreed that it is necessary to lay down laws regulating same-sex partners’ rights despite not agreeing that such relationship constitutes a family. Only 8 % of respondents agree that the legal definition of family should include same-sex relationships. Over 58 % of respondents expressed opinion that families consisting of both man and woman should be supported in the state policies which reflects that not only LGBTI but also single-parent households still tend to be ostracized in the society.

17 percent of survey participants supported the concept of gender-neutral partnership while 23 % had the opinion that homosexual couples already have all the necessary legal protection – this notion in particular reflects a serious lack of fundamental knowledge on the matter.

Draft proposal on partnership law is to be registered this spring. Seeking for a public compromise, leaders of the initiative from the Freedom Party (Laisvės partija) seemingly adopted a more conservative position, i.e. not to regard same-sex couples as a family within the margins of the forthcoming regulation. Exact content and details of the upcoming proposal currently remain unknown.