Surrealism Workshop

I’m Giordano, a volunteer in LGL and a graduate from the University of Fine Arts, and I decided to create an interesting workshop for our community center involving my favorite art movement Surrealism.

I have always been influenced by Surrealism for its beautiful images and particular meanings. Its ability to intertwine the subconscious, dreams and perfect stunning pictures always interested me so much that I wanted to share it with people that may not know it well.

I prepared some material to explain and show people what Surrealism is about. I spoke about the history of the movement, the way it was born, its most famous artists, showing some pictures on the screen and explaining the meaning behind them so they could understand better what the movement was about.

We also watched the beautiful short movie Destino, a collaboration between Salvador Dalì and Walt Disney, created many years ago but never finished and finally completed few years ago; I thought this short movie was a good way to show people the point of view of Dalì and the aesthetic of the movement itself.

After the description, we tried practically some fun surrealist games, to see with our own eyes what Surrealism could be. First, we tried the drawing game called Cadàver Exquisito, in which there is a paper divided in three parts and each person has to draw a different part of it without seeing what the other person did before. This way we created many different characters with crazy and beautiful bodies.

After the drawing game, we tried the writing type of Cadàver Exquisito, in which the paper is divided in five or more parts and each person has to write a different part of it, creating crazy and funny sentences.

It was interesting and fun to rediscover this magic kind of art that influenced so many people over the years, especially me, with its unique images that are able to bring the consumer into different worlds and to reflect on the meanings behind those pictures.

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