The Speaker of Lithuanian Parliament welcomes Baltic Pride 2016 March for Equality

On 15 June, 2016 the Speaker of Lithuanian Parliament Loreta Graužinienė said that she welcomes the Baltic Pride March for Equality, but that she herself does not plan to participate, as she wants to spend that day with her family.

“I congratulate any socially active group of people, because it’s very important for the public to be active. (…) Each group must talk about their issues, about their joys, their achievements. An active society provides a sense of community,” L. Graužinienė said in an interview with Žinių radio when asked about the march for sexual and gender minorities.

“I will not attend, as I have Saturday off and I want to spend it with my family, with my children,” said the Labour party representative.

This week, a series of events take place in Vilnius for Baltic Pride, which aims to draw attention to LGBT* issues. Baltic Pride 2016 will culminate in a march down Gedimino Ave. on Saturday.