Association LGL Successfully Accomplishes the Project “QuPiD: Queer Pathways into Diversity”

In the period between 2013 and 2015 the National LGBT* Rights Association LGL together with its international partners has successfully implemented the project “QuPiD: Queer Pathways into Diversity”, funded by the European Union Life Long Learning Programme “Gruntvig”. The project sough to increase the capacities of the international partners in relation to LGBT* (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) human rights issues within the framework of adult education activities. Partners from six European countries participated within the project activities, namely: Kampania przeciw homofobii (KPH) (Poland), National LGBT* Rights Organization (LGL) (Lithuania), Verein Niedersächsischer Bildungsinitiativen e.V. (VNB) (Germany),  Akademie “Waldschlösschen” (AW) (Germany), Gay Older Brothers and Sisters (G.O.B.S) (United Kingdom) and Malta Gay Rights Movement (MGRM) (Malta).

In the course of each thematic meeting the issues of adult education were explored through different perspectives. During the meeting in Warsaw (Poland) the project partners discussed about the necessity of integrating various LGBT* identities and their specific needs within the activities of adult education. During the meeting in Carlisle (United Kingdom) the best practices on working with social workers and specialists providing psychological help and support for LGBT* individuals were discussed. During the meeting in Vilnius (Lithuania) the participants of the international project explored the aspects of advocacy work and lobbying activities with the legislators and policy makers and also participated in an international conference, dedicated to the topic of homophobic and transphobic bullying at schools. In the course of the fifth meeting in Valtta (Malta) the necessity of integrating the highest standards in the field of transgender rights into the adult education activities both on national and international levels was discussed. The last meeting in Hanover (Germany) was dedicated to the topic of intersectional discrimination with the view of increasing the capacities of the international partners to strengthen the national equality and diversity coalitions.

In the course of implementing the project activities, various side-results have been achieved: (a) development of the QuPiD blog, (b) creation of social media profile on FaceBook, (c) execution of the qualitative research on the needs of civil society organizations working in the field of LGBT* human rights while implementing adult education activities and (d) preparation of informational articles on LGBT* human rights issues in the course of implementing adult education activities.

In relation to the formal implementation of the project activities, one of the greatest achievements of the project “QuPiD: Queer Pathways into Diversity” is provided networking opportunities for the representatives of the partner organizations and the members of the European LGBT* community. In the course of our daily activities and preoccupations we often forget that our local challenges can be also addressed through the European perspective. Communication, cooperation and friendship of the European activists is one of the key achievements of the QuPiD project.