Flags outside the European Parliament building Louise Weiss in Strasbourg - LOW

Parliament demands inclusion LGBTI people in gender mainstreaming activities

In a key report voted yesterday on Gender mainstreaming in the work of the European Parliament, the European Parliament made a strong call to include “the rights, perspectives and well-being of LGBTIQ people” in all gender mainstreaming* activities. An attempt by a group of right-wing MEPs to replace the whole resolution by an alternative resolution


Member State support for progressive EU LGBTI equality work is undeniable

Ministers from 27 EU Member States have issued a clear call to the European Commission to step up its work on LGBTI equality measures.  That message emanated clearly from this afternoon’s (Monday, 7 March 2016) Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council meeting. The adoption of conclusions on gender equality and LGBTI equality was


Icelandic airline launches giant pink plane called ‘GAY’

An Icelandic airline has unveiled a giant pink plane called ‘GAY’, because of course it has. After London’s rainbow taxi, rainbow bus and rainbow train, things are getting a bit out of hand in the race for the gayest method of transport. Iceland’s WOW Airline is the latest entrant into the gay vehicular contest – and


Italian Senate approves civil unions for gay and heterosexual couples

Politicians in Rome have approved a bill recognizing civil unions for same sex and heterosexual couples. However, Prime Minister Matteo Renzi had to water down the legislation a great deal for the Upper House’s approval. Prime Minister Renzi would have had to resign had he lost Thursday’s vote, but 173 members voted for the bill


Strasbourg Court: family reunification rights also count for same-sex couples

Yesterday, the Strasbourg-based European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) ruled that refusing same-sex couples residence permits with the purpose of family reunification on the basis of their sexual orientation is discriminatory. The case was brought to the European Court after Ms Pajić, a woman from Bosnia-Herzegovina, was refused a Croatian residence permit that she requested


Half of black gay men will get HIV in their lifetime

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have evaluated the HIV risk to gay African-American men for the first time.     The CDC, which has tracked data related to HIV transmission for many years, released a study which breaks down the ‘lifetime risk’ of HIV infection among groups including men who have sex with men.


Persecution of Homosexuals under National Socialism

The persecution of Jews under National Socialism is widely known. But one seldom learns about the persecution of other groups: politicals, criminals, anti-socials, Jehovah’s Witnesses, emigrants, Romanies, and homosexuals. On International Holocaust Remembrance Day LGL initiated a workshop about the Persecution of Homosexuals under National Socialism to talk about paragraph 175, lesbians, and the “special


European Parliament gravely concerned over situation LGBTI people in Crimea

The European Parliament adopted a resolution on the human rights situation in Crimea and the severe restrictions on the freedoms of expression, association and peaceful assembly. The resolution starts out by strongly condemning “the unprecedented levels of human rights abuses perpetrated against Crimean residents” (paragraph 2) following the Russian annexation. Zooming in on LGBTI rights,


India appoints first trans police officer

The Indian state of Tamil Nadu has appointed the nation’s first transgender woman to the police force. Prithika Yashini is among 21 sub-inspectors to receive orders from Salem police commissioner, Sumit Charan, to join the region’s local service. Having always dreamed of being a police officer, Ms Yashini told reporters her plan was to work hard and


Taiwan elects new President who supports equal marriage

A vocal supporter of same-sex marriage has been elected as Taiwan’s new President. The country, known variously as Taiwan, the Republic of China and Chinese Taipei, made a bold step today by electing Tsai Ing-wen of the Democratic Progressive Party as President. As well as being the country’s first female President, Ms Tsai is an outspoken


Mayor of Bulgaria capital endorses anti-marriage campaign

SOFIA, Bulgaria — Yordanka Fandakova, the first female mayor of the Bulgarian capital of Sofia, will officiate the wedding of a different-sex couple as part of a campaign against marriage rights for same-sex couples. The Society and Values Association, an anti-gay organization that is behind The Week of Marriage campaign, made the announcement. The Society


Police use water cannons against Peruvian LGBT activists

Peruvian police on Saturday used water cannons against a group of activists who staged an LGBT rights protest. More than two dozen people gathered in Lima’s Plaza de Armas to take part in the protest that was described as “kisses against homophobia.” Sin Etiquetas, a Lima-based LGBT website, posted pictures to its website that show