Dutch city to get gay traffic lights

The Dutch city of Utrecht is to follow a number of other European cities and install ‘gay’ traffic lights. The city council installed the lights, which feature two men and two women holding hands, at two pedestrian crossings in the city. The city claimed the move was made to show how it would accept all

A combination of pictures taken on May 12, 2015 shows new traffic lights showing female same-sex couples in Vienna. On the occasion of the upcoming Life Ball, the Eurovision Song Contest and the Rainbow Parade in Vienna, the Austrian capital with its new traffic lights wants to promote tolerance and raise awareness to better road safety. AFP PHOTO / DIETER NAGL        (Photo credit should read DIETER NAGL/AFP/Getty Images)

Same-sex couple traffic lights taken down by far-right party

Same-sex couple traffic lights taken down by far-right party The Austrian city of Linz has decided to scrap their LGBT friendly traffic lights. Markus Hein, Linz’s traffic official and member of the far-right Freedom Party, told AFP that “Traffic lights are for traffic, “and should not be misused to impart advice on how to live your