Denmark Approves Same-sex Marriage in the Faroe Islands

The road to approving same-sex marriage in the Faroe Islands has finally been completed. The islands have become the final Nordic country to legalise marriage equality. The archipelago known as the Faroe Islands, which is self-governing, voted to make it legal for same-sex couples to marry last year. However the legislation required a change in

Denmark No Longer Considers Transgender People Mentally Ill

Denmark on Sunday became the first country in the world to officially remove transgender identities from its list of mental health disorders. The decision, supported by all parties in the Danish Parliament, was originally made back in May 2016 following a lack of progress from the World Health Organization. “This very encouraging move from Denmark

Denmark to no longer define transgender as mental illness

Denmark is set to officially delete the definition of transgender as a mental illness. The move will make Denmark the world’s first health authority to take the step. From January 1st, 2017, transgender will no longer appear on Denmark’s definition of mental illnesses, the Ministry of Health has confirmed. The move would make Denmark a

Faroe Islands rejects same-sex marriage

Faroe Islands, a self-governing archipelago part of Denmark, has rejected same-sex marriage. Comprising of 18 rocky, volcanic islands between Iceland and Norway in the North Atlantic Ocean, it remains the only Nordic country to not have adopted same-sex unions in any form. A majority of 26 out of total 33 members in the Faroe Islands

Further improvements in family law in Denmark

As of January 1, 2015 adoption by couples in Denmark does no longer require marriage. This is a general revision of the Adoption Act. It is of particular interest to rainbow families who become pregnant by means of home insemination, i.e. not under the responsibility of a health person. In that case, if the same-sex

Denmark: Forced sterilisation dropped for legal gender recognition

The Danish parliament voted to scrap a law that required people to undergo gender reassignment surgery before they were eligible to be recognised as their preferred gender. From September 1, the process will be, the process will be overhauled, and over-18s will be able to legally change gender after a six month ‘reflection period’, with no

Danish government proposes free access to change of legal gender

The Danish government proposes a reform of the legislation concerning change of legal gender. A cross-ministerial work group has worked for more than a year and has written a report containing an analysis and possible models for a revised law. After receiving the report, the government decided to go for model 1, the declaration model, and

Danish teachers explore the scope of homophobic tendencies in Eastern Europe

Six teachers from the Orestad gymnasium (Denmark) were visiting the LGBT center in Vilnius on March 6th. The aim of their visit was to find out how widespread is homophobia in Lithuania and what is the scope of homophobic tendencies in everyday life. During the meeting LGL staff members have presented the situation of LGBT

LGBT activists from Vilnius visited Denmark

Two activists representing Lithuanian Gay League visited Denmark last week to talk about Baltic Pride 2013. The invitation came from Female Oxygen, a group of lesbian activists. The schedule of the visit was busy, with many meetings, interviews and fund-raising events. Our first meeting was with Lars Aslan Rasmussen, Member of the Copenhagen City Council