LGL is searching for a new EVS volunteer!

Are you fired up for human rights and want to gain experience in LGBT* activism? Do you want to figure out what does Lithuania means? This call is just for you! We have an approved EVS project and looking for a volunteer, who can start volunteering in July 2016.

IGLYO condemns anti-gay propaganda bill in Lithuania

IGLYO is deeply concerned to hear the shocking and sudden advancement of oppressive anti-gay propaganda bill In Lithuania, which similarly to the laws in Russia will infringe the freedom of expression and freedom of assembly. The suggested legislation outlaws ‘public denigration of constitutional family values’, which is specifically designed to prevent discussion of LGBTIQ issues in a positive

A bill designed to restrict freedom of expression and freedom of assembly has made an unwelcome reappearance on Lithuania’s parliamentary agenda. ILGA-Europe was shocked to learn that an amendment to the country’s administrative code which punishes ‘public denigration of constitutional moral values’ will be voted on this Thursday (12 November 2015). Bill XIP 4490(3) would