IGLYO condemns anti-gay propaganda bill in Lithuania

IGLYO is deeply concerned to hear the shocking and sudden advancement of oppressive anti-gay propaganda bill In Lithuania, which similarly to the laws in Russia will infringe the freedom of expression and freedom of assembly. The suggested legislation outlaws ‘public denigration of constitutional family values’, which is specifically designed to prevent discussion of LGBTIQ issues in a positive manner.

Our member organization Lithuanian Gay League (LGL) voices its opposition over the legislative initiative aiming at limiting the fundamental rights of LGBTIQ individuals in Lithuania. “LGL hopes that such discriminatory legislative initiative will be rejected by the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania and the rights of the citizens of Lithuania will be respected without any discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and/or gender identity.”

The European Parliament already in 2012 adopted a resolution condemning several states, including Lithuania, for the consideration of anti-LGBTIQ laws and in 2013 the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe concluded that anti-LGBTIQ propaganda laws are incompatible with the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR) and international human rights standards. The proposed law violates the human rights of LGBTIQ people that the Lithuanian government is required to uphold as a EU-member and a signatory of ECHR.

IGLYO’s Co-Chair Daniela Prisacariu stresses the particularly harmful consequences that the law will have on the youth: “With the draconic restrictions that the bill proposes the youth will be exceptionally affected and left isolated. Young people will have a limited access to information and also the information left available will be biased and homo/transphobic, which will be detriment to the wellbeing of young LGBTIQ Lithuanian citizens. The law is a serious threat to the Lithuanian society at the whole and we strongly demand the Parliament to reject the regressive legislation that violates the fundamental human rights of all Lithuanians.”


Picture: wikipedia.org