Lush Features a Gay Couple in Their Valentine’s Ad

The handmade cosmetics brand has some Valentine’s Day goodies that everyone can use. Lush released a Valentine’s Day advertising campaign featuring gay couples and people are loving it. The handmade cosmetics brand posted a photo of a gay couple sharing a bath together. The Lush website banner also includes a lesbian couple playing with bubbles in


IBM Launches New Rainbow Brand Logo in Support of LGBT Community

‘We strongly oppose discrimination of any kind toward anyone’. IBM, a longtime supporter and ally of the LGBT community, is affirming its commitment to diversity, acceptance and inclusion with a new rainbow color brand logo. Chief Diversity Officer, Lindsay-Rae McIntyre, says that the new symbol represents IBM’s ongoing push for equal opportunity for all their employees and


Lithuanian City of London Club is an organization uniting business professionals and maintaining close ties with Lithuanian business, political and community leaders. Guided by its core values – tolerance, equality, meritocracy and respect, Lithuanian City of London Club has become an official sponsor of the „Baltic Pride“ 2016 – the first organization representing business professionals