Lush Features a Gay Couple in Their Valentine’s Ad

The handmade cosmetics brand has some Valentine’s Day goodies that everyone can use.

Lush released a Valentine’s Day advertising campaign featuring gay couples and people are loving it.

The handmade cosmetics brand posted a photo of a gay couple sharing a bath together.

The Lush website banner also includes a lesbian couple playing with bubbles in a bath and laughing.

This is not the first time Lush have actively shown their support for the LGBTI community, launching a #GayIsOK campaign in 2015.

Love Soap was sold in over 800 Lush stores globally, emblazoned with the hash tag #GayIsOK

Alessandro Commisso from Lush said: ‘By purchasing the Love Soap they have given us their trust (and their pounds) to fund grassroots charities and continue to support LGBT rights as human rights.’

‘A little sparkly soap goes a long way,’ he said.