New Legal Gender Recognition Legislation Approved by Belgium!

ILGA-Europe welcome Belgium’s decision to put an end to the sterilisation requirements and the mental health diagnosis previously required in order to have access to legal gender recognition. Today’s vote in parliament means that Belgium will have a new law governing the legal gender recognition process. The fact that the new procedure is largely based


Model Hanne Gaby Odiele Reveals She Is Intersex

Belgian fashion model Hanne Gaby Odiele has revealed she is intersex and that she has gone public in an attempt to reduce the stigma around the condition and encourage other people to embrace their status. The 29-year-old was born with internal testes and without a uterus or ovaries due to a condition called androgen insensitivity


Largest Protestant denomination in Belgium allows gay and lesbian clergy

The Synod of the United Protestant Church of Belgium has voted to decide that being gay should not be a barrier to being a minister in the church – which already performs blessing ceremonies for same-sex couples. The largest Protestant Church in Belgium has voted to allow openly gay and lesbian people to become clergy.


Belgium: first transgender parliamentarian appointed to Senate

Professor De Sutter comes from a medical background. She is head of the Reproductive Medicine Department of the University Hospital Ghent, as well as an associate professor of gynaecology at the University of Ghent. She ran in the recent elections to the European Parliament. She came second within the Belgian Groen (Green) party, with 47,000 votes,