Alabama Guv to Sign Anti-LGBT Adoption ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey is set to sign legislation that would enable taxpayer-funded adoption agencies to deny placement to LGBT families out of religious objections. The legislation, known as House Bill 24, is titled the “Child Placing Agency Inclusion Act,” but instead of encouraging child placement would permit agencies to deny placement of children into

European Parliament Demands Action on EU-wide Recognition of Adoptions

Last week, on Thursday February 2, 2017, the European Parliament adopted a report (533 +, 41 -) demanding the automatic recognition of domestic adoption orders across EU Member States. The report stipulates that the recognition should happen without discrimination, including on the basis of the parents’ sexual orientation. The report highlights that the lack of

Gay couples in Queensland to get adoption rights

Same-sex couples are to be allowed to adopt children in the state of Queensland, if proposed amendments to its Adoption Act are passed. The amendments, which will be introduced in August, would allow same-sex couples to adopt as well as single people and those undergoing IVF treatment. Unveiled by Communities Minister Shannon Fentiman, the amendments

Czech court strikes down ban on gay people adopting children

A Czech court has struck down the country’s ban on gay people adopting children – though only for individuals. The country had maintained a law that outlawed gays and lesbians who are in registered partnerships from adopting children, either together or as an individual. However, the Czech Constitutional Court has overturned a law which banned

Austria lifts adoption restrictions for gay couples

On January 14, 2014 Austria’s top court lifted a ban on gay adoption, bringing the country into line with many other EU countries. The Constitutional Court said the law contravened the European Human Rights Convention. Explaining the decision, chief judge Gerhart Holzinger said there was ‘no objective argument for a differing rule based solely on