Access to Registered Same-sex Partnerships: It’s a Question of Equality

There is a growing trend in Europe and beyond towards granting same-sex couples legal recognition for their relationships, which confers certain specific protections. The first country to provide “registered partnerships” was Denmark in 1989, while The Netherlands was first to adopt same-sex marriage in 2001. Today, 47 countries in the world, 27 of which are

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Czech court strikes down ban on gay people adopting children

A Czech court has struck down the country’s ban on gay people adopting children – though only for individuals. The country had maintained a law that outlawed gays and lesbians who are in registered partnerships from adopting children, either together or as an individual. However, the Czech Constitutional Court has overturned a law which banned


Lithuanian Parliament Rejects Civil Partnership Bill

On October 14th, 2015 the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania rejected a bill on registered partnership that had been drafted by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania and proposed to introduce the institution of registered partnership for different-sex couples. 27 members of the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania voted in