Kids are openly taught to despise gay people

By Joanna Labecka
A short story about dissemination of discrimination-inducing opinions against homosexuals during a religion lesson in a Lithuanian school
You might have had some thoughts why homophobic attitude is so omnipresent in Lithuanian society. Is this a merit of ‘traditional values’ or maybe the influence of the widespread political discourse soaked through by hate speech? There are many reasons why the Lithuanian LGBT rights defenders have their hands full. Some of the causes might never be challenged but that the pure coincidence will make them see the light of day. Because some actions targeted at disseminating hateful and discriminative statements are taken behind closed doors. The doors of the classrooms.
Would you like to know where the homophobia comes from? Imagine a Lithuanian religion lesson where children should explore the meaning of brotherly love. But the subject of today’s lesson is homosexuality and the teacher is planning to pour into pupils’ hearts and minds something that absolutely doesn’t resemble the feeling of love. The children are supposed to write down everything that appears on the blackboard. Just in case they might forget something. So we have a problem tree here. The problem is obviously homosexuality. The other branches of the tree are causes and consequences of the problem. The teacher decides to start with the consequences. Maybe because the list of them is much longer and dived into anthropological and religious contexts. The pupils discover that society spurns homosexual individuals because these persons deny such virtues as honor, love or forgiveness and inflict moral detriment on others. Sexual freedom increases, which refutes traditional morals.
The teacher coveys the information that homosexuals have (implicitly – only) temporary sexual partners. It causes spiritual and psychological suffering because deeply-embedded needs as well as those for affective love cannot be satisfied. Homosexual individuals are turned into objects of exploitation and means to satisfy the prurience of others. The mental problems of homosexual persons include also inferiority complex since gay people are unable to accept their sexuality. Sexual relationships between individuals of the same sex are unnatural. They are not able to procreate and have children. Homosexuality is also the cause of HIV and AIDS. The plague of same-sex relationships entail destroying families, losing jobs and God Almighty knows what else. “Normal” men and women instill fear in homosexual people and it is really difficult for a gay person to build a positive, encouraging and simultaneously non-erotic camaraderie with others. Children, we are done with the consequences of homosexuality in the anthropological context. Let’s move to religious one then. Homosexuality is nothing more but a sin and debauchery. It’s negating the teaching of Holy Scripture and the Church and ignoring the divine plan where natural relationships are heterosexual, and let’s make it clear – homosexual relationships are promiscuous by nature!
Now when we all know what kind of detrimental effect the homosexuality has on us, our society and the whole world we should take a look at the aspects which are the cause of homosexuality. One of the reasons may be a fact that a gay person was deprived of parental love and care during adolescence and that is why this person feels complete during sexual contact. Another menace is the homosexual propaganda presenting a lifestyle of homosexual practice. Not to forget a certain way of expression for groups engaged in bohemian living and artistic activities. The artists – always looking for new experiences! And last but not least: financial aid from certain international organisations allegedly protecting human rights also promotes homosexuality. So be aware!
It would be nice to think that the narrative is just the product of author’s wild imagination. Well, it is not. It is based on the true story. And it wouldn’t see the light of day if one concerned parent wouldn’t have noticed the notes taken by his child during the religion lesson.
School – a place where teachers should be role models, serving as a positive example for their pupils whose minds are open and tractable. School – a place where pupils are so prone to intercepting ideas and opinions of others while developing their own outlook on life. School – a place where discrimination may find very favorable conditions.