Meeting with the Representatives of the Ministry of Justice of Germany Held in LGL Office

On 28 February 2024 representatives of the National LGBT rights organisation LGL met with Dr. Angelika Schlunck, State Secretary of the German Ministry of Justice, to discuss LGBT rights issues and to present LGL’s guidelines for improving the situation in Lithuania.

The National LGBTIQ Equality Plan publication was presented to highlight the need to organize working groups, that would not only involve civil society, but also LGBTIQ experts and human rights activists. “Even with this government, which is probably the friendliest to the LGBTIQ community, human rights are relegated to the background in all Lithuanian strategic documents,” said Monika Antanaitytė, Project Manager at LGL.

The meeting touched upon the issue of the Civil Union Law, which has not been adopted in Lithuania, as well as the general attitudes of the society towards same-sex couples. The inability of Lithuanian politicians to unite on important human rights issues has been identified as a factor pushing the country further away from the rest of the European Union.

The guests shared their experience of legalising civil partnerships in Germany. “Our strategy was to start any change on the issue of civil partnerships and hope that this would also change public attitudes”, emphasised a representative of the German Ministry of Justice.

We thank the German government for its leadership on human rights under the guidance of the global Equal Rights Coalition (ERC).