LGL’s Board Chair nominated at Ireland’s LGBT* Awards “The Galas 2015”

The national LGBT* rights organization’s LGL Board Chair Vladimir Simonko has been honoured with a nomination for the International Award at Ireland’s LGBT* awards ceremony, “The Galas 2015.” This award is given for activism in the field of LGBT* rights in countries where the LGBT* community most often faces discrimination.

The National Irish LGBT* Federation NFX nominated LGL’s Board Chair award because of his active leadership in fighting against homophobia and for the equality of LGBT* individuals. The ceremony’s organizers note that Vladimir has become a symbol of the active fight against LGBT* rights violations within the European Union.

The official website of “The Galas 2015” describes the nominee, stating that “Vladimir has been central in opposing and focusing attention on State homophobia in Lithuania, including the passage of a law that restricts positive portrayals of homosexuality in media.” Ireland’s LGBT* federation NFX emphasizes that implementing LGBT* rights initiatives is especially challenging in Lithuania because of the country’s legislation restricting the dissemination of positive information about LGBT* people.

Each year, the ceremony’s organizers honour LGBT* individuals, organizations and their representatives for their contributions to the promotion of tolerance, equality and diversity in society. The winner of international “Gala” award will be announced on the 6th of March, 2015.

The Board Members, staff and volunteers of the national LGBT* rights organization LGL express their support to Mr. Simonko. We welcome NFX’s nomination of LGL’s Board Chair for the International Award and admire the dedication and encouragement of our leader to mainstream LGBT* issues in the international discourse.