LGL Signs Global LGBT Rights Letter to President Obama

In December 2014 LGBT* rights activists, from all regions of the world, came together and signed a joint letter to US President Barack Obama. Twenty four representatives of the world’s leading LGBT* rights organizations, including the national LGBT* rights association LGL, called on the President to actively contribute to the overall effort to bring justice and equality to all.

Whilst the letter recognized the importance of Obama’s support for the LGBT* community, it also expresses criticism of the inconsistent response of the United States administration to legal restrictions imposed upon certain countries as a result of their unequal national laws. The letter stresses the importance of the United States administration imposing a consistent approach. The LGBT* organizations asked in unison, “how can we trust otherwise that the United States will, indeed, stand with us as we fight for our rights?”

The signatories of the letter acknowledge that the response to different countries which adopt laws detrimental to equality would of course not be identical. However, the signatories urged the United States to actively respond to any country which adopt laws or national policies which violate the fundamental rights of LGBT* citizens.

The letter can be accessed here.